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In tackling the current trend of outsourcing, Outsourced not only captures the spirit of a new India, but also of a newly globalized world – and of the importance of cross-cultural understanding.

Outsourced is currently being used at business schools and corporations around the country to create a dialogue not only about outsourcing, but also about the global economy, and a workplace that functions across both geographical and cultural lines.

ShadowCatcher Entertainment has developed comprehensive training materials for corporate training sessions, focusing on leadership, change management and cross-cultural communication. Training materials are ideal for companies that are outsourcing not only to India, but around the world.

Participants will learn:
• Leadership – including styles of leadership, qualities of a leader
• Change Management – including how to effectively change culture and motivate employees
• Cross-cultural communication – including roadblocks to effective communication and strategies for increased cross-cultural understanding

Training materials include:
• Outsourced DVD
• CD-ROM with Power Point presentation
• Trainer’s Guide

Corporate training materials have been developed in conjunction with Michigan State Business School professors Aneil Mishra, Ph.D. and Karen Mishra, Ph.D. and global outsourcing consultant Atul Vashistha, Chairman of services globalization firm NeoIT, and founder of international business training company GlobalAbility.

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"Outsourced may be unique: a charming culture-class romance that could be taught in business schools."
-New York Times 2007
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